The Perfect Spring Time Sangria

Updated: Aug 25

If you're looking for the perfect spring time sangria, you've come to the right spot! This refreshing drink is so easy that you'll be sipping on it in just a few simple steps! 🙌🏼😋 With the warm forecast in the near future, I just couldn't help but crave this sweet drink!

Keep scrolling for the full recipe!

We are white wine fanatics... I'm totally a sucker for a sweet white. Our favorites are Luccio and Stella Rosa Moscato D'asti!

Another thing I love about this recipe aside from it being so. dang. easy. to prepare, is that it's easy enough to split or multiply depending on the size of the batch you need! Whenever we head to the cabin, this is the size we make and we are able to just make it and then sip on it all weekend!

It also is so versatile and you can switch up the fruits to put in whatever you prefer... you really can't go wrong! Let me know if you try it and what you think!




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