Make the Most of your Move

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Moving can be many things…. exciting, bittersweet, fun. Exhausting, stressful and overwhelming should not be one of them! Here are some basic moving tips to make your move as seamless as possible!

Invest in sturdy boxes or totes that can be repurposed

One thing I’ve learned during my many moves is that you need STURDY boxes or totes! There’s nothing worse than packing a box, only to have the bottom fall out or even worse, try stacking boxes on top of each other only to have the box buckle and have the whole pile come tumbling down and praying you didn’t have breakables somewhere in there!

Taking it a step further is investing in some clear, but colored totes like these that you can repurpose for storage after your move. Having them be clear allows you to see what’s in them and having them be colored means you can assign a different color to a each room! I know it might be difficult, but even finding the same brand of tote would be ideal so you can stack them more easily!

Do one room at a time, color code each room

If you aren’t hiring someone to come pack up your house, it can be a very daunting task. Don’t overwhelm yourself and just start with one room at a time! If you aren’t using the clear, colored totes like what’s mentioned above, grab some of the bright neon stickers like these to stick on the side of your boxes so you can still do the color coding concept!

Purge what you don’t want or need

This can be a tough one, but give it a moment to think on the items you’re packing up. When’s the last time you’ve worn it or used it? When’s the next time you will? Is the sentimental value worth hanging onto? It can be easy to just hang onto things because you MIGHT need them or you THINK you’ll wear it for “that” occasion, but will you really? Do you want to pack it up, move it, unpack it, and then store it again?! Moving is the best time to purge!

Pack items you will want first in different colored totes for easy access.

You’ll want certain items like toiletries, kitchen items, clothes for the first few days all at easy access. Pick a different colored tote than the rest of the rooms to keep these items in and keep them out to pack last, so you have them right away in your new place!

Hire movers!

Last but not least, my best piece of moving advice! Hire GOOD movers! Some people may think hiring movers is too expensive or isn’t worth it by the time they get to their new home and unpack only to realize that items have been broken. With that said, make sure you do your research! If you hire a LOCAL, small business, they are going to take pride in what they do and care for you and your possessions! When you hire the RIGHT moving company, it’s worth. every. penny!

Take Relief Moving Company for example. These Ham Lake, MN Movers local to the Twin Cities area, so if you are within a 150-mile radius, they are at your service!

They’ve got 15+ years of experience and can handle every bit of the moving process from packing, to storing, to moving! Relief Moving Company not only do residential moves, but commercial as well! Or maybe you're not doing a full blown move but you just bought a big, new piece of furniture and don't know how you'll get it home? Yep, they do that too! They’ve got competitive pricing and give free estimates, so if you’re curious—give them a call to see how they can help you! I highly recommend them for your next move!

Happy Moving!



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