Items Every Dog Owner Needs

This list is inspired by my first fur babies upcoming birthday! It's so hard to believe she'll be six years old this year! This is a list of items that are super helpful, whether you have a pup already and want to level up your fur mom or dad skills or if you're thinking about getting a dog, keep this list in mind!

First up on the list is the Chom Chom! This thing is amazing. Take my word for it. Buy it. Then see for yourself! It does THE BEST job at picking up hair off of furniture! Worth every penny. Thank me later 😉

Next on the list is this water bottle that has a bowl attached! So handy for when you're going on long walks and your pup needs to stop for a drink. You simply squeeze and the bowl fills up. It also has a carabiner clip so you can attach it to your dog's leash.

This shower wand attachment is also a genius purchase. It makes bath time so much easier!

If it's just your dog's paws that need a good washing, this paw washer is great! You can leave one by your door for those rainy days and quick rinse their paws before they track mud all over the house, and you can leave one stashed in your car so you can rinse them off after the dog park before hopping in your car!

Speaking of baths and grooming, I've found the easiest way to brush my dogs is with gloves! Some dogs love to be brushed, but I know some are also freaked out by it. These gloves make your dog think they are just being pet but you're actually brushing them out too!

Another handy item is dog bells. Training them to ring these when they're pups is a total game changer so they can tell you when they need to go outside!

If you travel with your dogs, this carrier is perfect. Having a separate place to stash their items and make sure you have everything and it's contained is great, whether you're taking them with you or dropping them off at a dog sitters or boarding!

If you don't need the whole travel kit and kaboodle, you can opt for these collapsible dishes! Again, these can attach to a leash for convenience!

Another item my dogs LOVE and even prefer over expensive dog beds is laying/sleeping sherpa blankets! I actually don't mind since they are SO easy to just throw in the wash as needed!

Another item that we've loved is a gravity water dispenser. Having two dogs, it seemed like every time we looked at their water dish it was empty and we were constantly filling up their dish throughout the day. So this dispenser allows them to have water whenever they need it!

If you're feeling fancy, this pet fountain is a great option for fresh water too!

This food dispenser is ah-mazing. It keeps dog food fresh and you have the option to either pull out the pour spout or open the lid the spout is attached to and scoop out however much you need!

Speaking of food, I'm pretty sure we have the world's pickiest eater! She constantly is boycotting her foods and we are always trying new foods since it seems she gets sick of them so quickly or she doesn't care for them. This Taste of the Wild food is one that she literally BEGS to eat and we know she'll eat ALL of it!🙌🏼

Next up is play time! Our pups are OBSESSED with balls and we went through what feels like hundreds of balls that would immediately be shredded to pieces! We love these Chuck It balls because the dogs can chew and chew and work their jaw and we know they will stand the test of their teeth!

If your pup loves to play fetch, then you definitely need this launcher!

I always am a sucker for dogs in bandanas after they've been to the groomer! Shutterfly makes the CUTEST personalized pet items! They have so many cute bandanas to choose from!

Last but not least, one of our favorite Shutterfly purchases have been the customized dog tags! It seems like the ones laser printed in store are just plain and ugly and then if you opt for cute ones in a pet store they cost a fortune! These dog tags are a great price and eye catching! We've gotten lots of compliments on them 🐶❤️

Here Lucy is sporting hers that matches her collar! On one side it reads, "If you can read this, my mom is worried" and then on the back it has "Please call her! With my phone number" 🤣 We also got a tag for Brooks' that matched his navy colored collar and his says "My mom says I'm the best dog ever" with my phone number on the back too! I'd recommend not putting your pup's name on the collar as it makes it easier for a stranger to possibly gain familiarity with them and snatch them! Shutterfly makes it incredibly easy to customize them!

I think that about rounds out my favorite dog products! What are some of your favorites or absolute must-haves for being a dog owner?

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