2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is coming up quickly! Don't forget to spoil the amazing woman who gave you life 💗 I know Mother's Day will look a little different this year, but that doesn't mean mom should go unnoticed! I always struggle every year to think of something creative or meaningful to get my mom and then wait until the last minute and just grab something quick, so this year I'm planning ahead and sharing some of my ideas and providing links for you, so all you have to do is click the link and it's a one stop shop!

1. This Ember mug is GENIUS! I think every mom who drinks coffee suffers from having to microwave it a million times IF she even gets to drink it! This temp controlled mug is here to save the day and maybe mom's sanity 😉 Shop it here!

2. My mom already has this Ninja Coffee Bar but could probably be a salesperson for it! She is always raving about how amazing it is! This is a great splurge you could split with other family members though! You can do single serves all the way up to a full pot and even get pretty fancy with it. Shop it here!

Another runner up is this single serve Keurig machine! Super cute and compact when you just need one cup! Shop it here!

3. One of my personal favorite things is my weighted blanket! I found this one that's super soft, is really cute and is 18 lbs. for those who might like the extra weight! Shop it here!

Another good option that even has a washable cover is this blanket!

4. This is a gift that I gave my mom on my wedding day, along with a Pandora charm bracelet! This is basically a gift that keeps on giving because now I have something I can get her for every special occasion and I know she looks forward to it! This charm is perfect and says "First my mother, forever my friend" on the inside 💗 Shop it here!

5. I've given my mom these books in the past! If you're not an incredibly sentimental person, this makes it super easy to still be thoughtful! I think we all don't tell our mom's how much they mean to us and this book is the perfect way to do so! Shop it here!

6. A favorite option of mine for my mom, grandma, or new mom/mom friends are personalized necklaces or bracelets!

This mama bear necklace with names of kids on the bars is so cute!

Do you have/know a sports mom who lives and breathes her kids activities?! This is the PERFECT option!

7. This is another cute personalized option, for that mom who loves home decor! Add family names to this pillow for a sweet personal touch! Shop it here!

8. These skinny koozies are perfect for mom's who love White Claws or Truly's! You can even get them personalized! Shop it here!

9. This year, my mom asked for a lilac plant for her yard! Perfect for the green thumb, gardening loving mom! Every time she sees it, she'll think of how thoughtful you are ☺️ Shop it here!

10. You can't go wrong with a classy "MAMA" or "NAME" necklace! Shop them here!

11. The Tile is the perfect invention for that busy mom who'd lose her own head if it wasn't attached to her neck 😉 Attach it to her keys so she never loses them! Shop it here!

12. A hammock chair is a great option for mom's who love to relax outside! She can read or enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee here! Shop it here!

13. This is one of my favorite perfumes ever! I'm not a big fan of super floral-y scents and this is perfect! I get so many compliments on it! It's so easy to just toss in my purse and use on the go! Shop it here!

14. This is a splurge, but maybe you have siblings you can go in on it with! This purse is just the right size! Not too big and not too small, simple and versatile. I own the black one and the quality is amazing and goes with everything! My mom has the navy one and my best friend has the white one! We all LOVE it! Shop it here!

Other ideas:

Essential Oil Diffuser

Air fryer

Her favorite wine

Books by her favorite author

Gift cards to her favorite restaurant

Thanks for checking out my ideas! Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there! 💗🌸

Xo, Addie

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